Novice Errors Detection for C Programs

About "NED"...

This web app, nicknamed "Ned", allows its users to upload C source files and get a report on potential "Novice Errors" which were detected in it.

The intent is to further support the learning of the C language by allowing its students to receive warnings about such widely spread mistakes, along with an hyperlinked mini-tutorial helping them understand it and avoid it in the future.

About "CLUE"...

"Ned" is part of the CLUE project, refer to the project website at for more details. It is based on the same syntactical parser, written in python, used in the "CLUE" client-server software. The idea behind NED is to allow for an easier use of CLUE's core feature, i.e. novice errors detections, without requiring both students & instructors to commit to adopting the whole system.

To this end, "Ned" allows for easy scanning of your .c files regardless of the IDE or assignment submission software you are using. Simply point it to your files & hit "upload" any time you want them reviewed by the server.

Got Feedback?

As the title banner implies, NED is still very much so "Beta" release. We plan on adding features every semester & fix what has been brought to our attention. Therefore, your feedback about the following is very useful;

Bug Reports
Did something break while you were using it? Use the link below to email us a screenshot & a few lines explaining what happened.
Request new tutorials
It is difficult for us to anticipate which of the warning or error messages will warrant a tutorial. Rather than spend weeks developing tutorials on messages no one will ever use, we have a "Request Tutorial" button available for you to notify us that you would like a tutorial page on this specific error. When you get your "report" on a file you uploaded, this button will show in front of any message for which we do not have a tutorial yet.
Request improved tutorials
Each of our tutorial features examples to help you understand this specific warning or error. However, many different programs might trigger the same error. If the tutorial didn't help you, it's important you tell us so! You will find a "was this useful? yes/no" set of buttons at the bottom of every tutorial. You may also use the email link to let us know in more details how we might improve this tutorial to better help you next time

Don't hesitate to Contact Us with any such feedback.